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EXHIBITION: Mohau Modisakeng’s exhibition Ditaola, at BRUNDYN+


BRUNDYN+ presents, Ditaola, Mohau Modisakeng’s debut solo exhibition at the gallery, from 29 May – 12 July, 2014.

A central tenet and foundational question that Modisakeng’s work responds to is the issue of violence and concerns around the role it plays and continues to play in colonial, as well as post-colonial African societies. His current body of work engages several discourses related to the political economy of the racial segregation, institutionalised/systemic racism, militarisation, and civil unrest of apartheid South Africa and the African continent at large. The work engages both individual and collective narratives informed by the realities of living in South Africa. The constructed narratives engage the black body as a site of fragmentation, distortion, and degradation.

Read more and see more photos.


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